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Avg Cost for this type of customization (not including art): $400


This very website is the exact same as what we do.  This is probably the most simplistic version of what's available at the cheapest cost.  You can see there isn't much difference between the template and the site.  These websites do not have to be so magnanimous. As this one, they can just display information basic information, with ease of contact.

This is a 4 page website with a contact form and an interactive footer.  Each page has images and text that are customizable and very easy to update.  

We don't really spend too much time on our own website because we are busy trying to help other SMB's save money with theirs.  Maybe not so selfless since their websites also represent what we do, and show it much more concisely. 

From scratz (the prez) :),
This is our own website.