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This is "The official home of Chris Krok".  Mr. Krok is a talk show host in Dallas for WBAP 820 AM.  WBAP-AM is in a top 5 market and is a leading revenue generator for the Cumulus cluster.  Mr. Krok speaks to a lot of people around the country as his show also streams on the web, but because he has opinions that matter, this website gives hime more mediums to communicate.

This website gives him video capability, audio capability and blogging.  Each has it's own respective page but exerpts of each fill up the homepage.  He very easily understood how to log in and update his site.  This site went live on the historic election day of 2016.  By the time we had our new president in the bag Mr. Krok was already freely uploading blogs, audio and video to this site.  Anyone who visited the site immediately got the latest information Mr. Krok was saying.

For Mr. Krok, he did not want to impliment a rotating ad section from Google AdSense®, he wanted full control of his advertisers.  So this site utilizes a rotating ad snippet that generates a random ad every time the page is refreshed or navgated to.  With randomizing, there is no guarantee all ads will get displayed evenly, but since it is random, it does fall in line with the way Google AdSense® works.  There is also a "Sponsors" page in which all sponsors get listed with their tag-lines and links.

This page also utilizes social concepts.  There is a Twitter feed that displays Mr. Krok's latest tweets, and he can control how it is shared on Facebook as well.   He has full control of both aspects.  When he creates a post, there is an option spifically for Facebook and specifically for Twitter.  These options consist of the ability to control what image is used and the copy.  So a tweet of Facebook share directly from a blog can either just be an exerpt from the blog, or can be specifically customized for the Tweet or Facebook itself.  It is all completely within Mr. Krok's control, and all very simple, very easy, and on-the-fly.

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It works!!! YEAH! THANK YOU! You are SO AMAZING!!


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