Rex Stafford Air

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Avg Cost for this type of customization (not including art): $1600

This website is a work still in progress.


This site was created for a sole proprietor and his master tech who, together, run an HVAC business.  It's a small venture but they wanted to make sure their website was informative and most importantly to them, was easy for the user to call from.  So, the phone number is placed in many places throughout the site and each time is linked so if viewing on a device that can make calls, the call is just one click away.

One thing that is particularly interesting is, that as a user, when inputting a good or service, there are options for discounting a price. Once a price is discounted, it automatically becomes an item in the "specials" menu item.  Being the type of service that has multiple pricing strategies, it is very easy to create special pricing for either an item or a service, including the first hour of labor.

Notice the difference between the template homepage image and that there is video replacing the image.