About Us

dfwcomptech.com started out as simple computer repair and blossomed into a full-fledged one-stop shop for all SMB computer/networking/web/advertising needs.

Our main focus now is on helping SMB's to save money while being able to efficiently manage their website.  We take all the confusion out of updating a website.  It literally takes more knowledge to send an email than it does to update one of the websites after dfwcomptech.com has customized it.

What we do is take a template, whether an available free one, or one paid for, and we create a CMS (Content Managment System) out of it.  Don't worry about what CMS means because what it is, is a very simple way of updating and making current your website, on-the-fly.

Once the template is agreed on by you and we discuss your full needs, we start our magic.  When completed, you will have a website customized to your specs and very easy to keep up to date from any computer, anywhere in the world that connects to the internet.

It's nothing more than logging in, clicking on the page you want to update, or clicking new to create a new one, typing out, or copy/pasting the information, adding images (if necessary) and hitting 'save'.  It is literally that easy.

dfwcomptech.com wants to help SMB's affordibly navigate through the confusing waters of websites and keeping them current. dfwcomptec.com also can assist with any advertising needs of the SMB in regards to develping ads for the web.  Check out our advertising services here.

Please contact us and we can help you discover how affordable it is to keep your business updated for the world to see.